Regulatory hosting

We help businesses engage in regulated activities more quickly than it takes to obtain authorisation from the FCA.

Early-stage businesses often lack the infrastructure, resources, and compliance knowledge to obtain FCA authorisation at the beginning of their journey. Through our hosted regulatory platform, our clients can market their products and provide investment advice as an Appointed Representative (AR) of our subsidiary, Aldgate Advisers Limited.

The typical clients we support under our regulated platform include advisory firms providing investment advice to the managers of Alternative Investment Funds, UCITS Funds, Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Real Estate Funds, and Trusts. We further support the marketers and distributors of these types of funds; and corporate finance advisors and arrangers who assist firms in raising capital and restructuring finance agreements with existing lenders and equity owners.

What is an Appointed Representative?

An Appointed Representative (AR) allows an individual or firm to perform regulated activities on behalf of a Principal firm authorised by the FCA. The AR acts as an extension of the Principal, promoting, providing advice on, or arranging transactions for specific financial products and services.

Benefits of being an Appointed Representative

Cost control: Our fixed monthly pricing model helps growing businesses plan and control costs as they develop.

Quick market entry: Undertake investment activities rapidly under our regulatory umbrella.

Pathway to full authorisation: Use this as a stepping stone to full authorisation and demonstrate compliance to the regulator in a structured way.

Best practice compliance: Adopt best practice compliance procedures to set you on the right path.

Regulatory track record: Build a positive track record with the regulator and understand their expectations once registered.

Market credibility: Demonstrate your credibility to the market and your investors.

Compliance portal access: Our proprietary online compliance portal, the Gateway enables ARs to complete their compliance obligations, monitoring and training in one place.

At Bovill Newgate, we offer a unique service: hosting your activities as an AR while guiding you through the FCA authorisation process to become fully regulated.

Please note, our regulatory hosting services are not available in the Channel Islands.

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