Advice and support

We are on hand to help you meet the expectations of regulators. Globally we advise over 300 firms, from asset managers to broker dealers and payment services providers to banks and beyond. Whether you need tailored training, more compliance resource or just another pair of eyes to check new regulations, we can help.

Does a particular rule apply to you? What do you need to do? We are experts on regulation across Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as the UK and Europe, and the US. Our people can give you practical advice based on  their  experience in financial services firms and at regulators.

Working with Bovill Newgate gives you flexibility

Dedicated compliance resources are expensive and scarce. We can fill in gaps and give you additional capacity for short periods when workload is high, there is increased risk, you have a regulatory review or project or there's a resource gap.

For smaller firms without their own compliance specialists, we support  the management team so they can get on with what they do best. For larger firms we provide specialist skills and can fill resource gaps.
We give you peace of mind that your compliance set up is watertight and work with you to manage regulatory risk.

Our people can support you virtually or work in your office. And because we work across the industry, we know how others are reacting to new regulations.

Regular clients trust us to help them with anything regulatory. This  might include:

  • Documentation – such as policies and procedures
  • Training – for example educating staff on anti-money laundering or giving compliance induction training to a new starter
  • Regulatory reporting – preparing and submitting returns, for example the FRR in Hong Kong, Annex IV reporting in the UK, and quarterly MAS returns in Singapore
  • Anti money laundering – reviewing client take-on files and customer risk assessments to ensure that you (or the Fund Administrator) are doing it right
  • Compliance monitoring – independent reviews and healthchecks.