About us

Bovill Newgate is a specialist financial services regulatory consultancy with a global offering across the UK, the Channel Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mauritius and the Americas.

“We deliver superior service to our clients with experts present in all major jurisdictions. With us, clients enjoy exceptional service and operational efficiency and can enjoy true peace of mind.”

Aron Brown
Global Head of Regulatory & Compliance Consulting at Ocorian and Bovill Newgate

Rebecca Thorpe

“We love solving difficult problems and making life easier for our clients. We pride ourselves on being honest, thorough, and nice people to deal with.”

Rebecca Thorpe
Global Head of Regulatory Consulting at Ocorian and Bovill Newgate

Bovill was founded in 1999 by Ben Blackett-Ord and began as a small but specialist firm of compliance consultants. In 2024, Bovill Newgate was formed through a merger with the London-based firm Newgate Compliance.

At Bovill Newgate, we help you balance regulatory and commercial pressures.  

We understand the challenges you face. Navigating an increasingly complex regulatory landscape is becoming harder than ever, with legacy technologies, stretched teams and competing priorities distracting you from what really matters. 

Our team – a unique blend of industry professionals and ex-regulators, cuts through complexity, offering tailored solutions that unlock new value. With our finger on the pulse, we understand where regulators are focusing now, where they’re likely to focus in the future, and what will stand up to scrutiny in the long term.  

We’re not just about filling out forms and ticking boxes. As people people, we love to get to know our clients and their ambitions. Whether you are a start-up, a multinational or somewhere in the middle – our job is to make sure you get things right. 

With our deep expertise, we translate complex regulations into proportionate and pragmatic strategies that keep you compliant and foster sustainable growth. We keep you on the right side of regulatory change and compliance, and your business on track.   

Peace of mind. Reduced risk. Problem solved. 

Supporting others

We are proud to support local community initiatives and wider charitable work. We give our people the opportunity to suggest ideas for volunteering and fundraising and to get involved in Bovill Newgate-supported initiatives. Current projects include a charity which helps care leavers, community gardening, and fundraising for UNHCR and the Cure Parkinsons Trust.