Retail and lending

Banking and lending are core elements of financial services, encompassing a wide range of firms – traditional banks, challenger banks, mortgage lenders, consumer credit, P2P, e-money and payment services. So it’s no surprise that both the FCA and PRA devote such attention to the sector.

Despite the diversity, the Regulators have often returned to common issues: governance, conduct risk, and more recently resilience and the need to effectively oversee outsourced providers. Different firms have faced different challenges, but as with the similarity of the issues, there is often a similarity with the causes.

We help retail and lending firms

Not only do we help retail and lending firms address their immediate problems, we also work with them to understand how they can reduce the likelihood of future issues arising. Many symptoms can have similar root causes:

  • “Do you know what good looks like?” – Governance, Culture & Competency
  • “Are you any good?” – Governance, Risk Management and Compliance; Enterprise Risk Management
  • “What do you do about it, if you're not?” – Oversight and Change Management

Whilst Bovill Newgate Consultants are specialists in the individual fields (across PRA and FCA regulation), we draw on our broader cross-sectoral experience to help firms get their approach to regulation right.