Regulatory reporting

Regulatory returns are one of the key supervisory tools of the regulators and all firms need to complete them. Unfortunately the complex lexicon of accounting terms which need to be deciphered makes the process far from simple. Your reports are a reflection of your conduct and controls. Mistakes are common and likely to lead to unwanted attention from the regulator.

We understand what the regulators are looking for and can make regulatory reporting as painless as possible.

We’re here to help with you regulatory reporting

We can help prepare and submit all of your regulatory returns, both financial and non-financial.

Our specialist team has a blend of accounting backgrounds and regulatory expertise. We don’t just fill in the forms, we understand the underlying regulations and can interpret the rules. If you have a query, we can answer it and where needed, we have the software to complete the returns in the format the FCA needs.

The key reporting areas we deal with are:

Gabriel returns

We can do as little or as much as you need, from preparing all your Gabriel returns or performing an annual health check.

COREP reports

Banks and CRD IV investment firms have to submit various returns called Common Reporting (COREP). Depending on size and complexity, firms need to submit capital, large exposures, unencumbered asset and liquidity returns. Each of these contains several schedules and needs to be submitted in XBRL. We can prepare these returns either from scratch or perform a review of your calculations before converting to XBRL using our specialist software.

AIFMD Annex IV reporting

Most AIFMs who are managing or marketing AIFs into the European Union or EEA will have to complete Annex IV reports. Find out how we can help you with Annex IV reporting.

Regulatory reporting in the US and Asia

Our local experts based in Chicago, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong can help with specialist reporting in whatever jurisdiction you need. Find out more about our international regulatory reporting.