Annex IV

Reporting requirements under Annex IV of the AIFMD (known as “Annex IV reporting”) were developed by the European authorities following the 2008 financial crisis to create transparency around AIFs and their managers in relation to the types and magnitudes of investment positions, including leverage, that funds and firms are exposed to. The overall objective is to help control systemic risk in the EU financial system. Most fund managers that manage or market AIFs in the UK or EEA are subject to Annex IV reporting requirements.

Helping you navigate Annex IV reporting requirements

The Annex IV reporting requirements are complex, and meeting them can require a significant investment in expertise and software. Accurate Annex IV reporting requires risk and financial expertise combined with detailed knowledge of the reporting requirements, and we help bridge the gaps between these disciplines.

Bovill Newgate provides many of its fund manager clients with services related to Annex IV reporting, relieving them of much of the reporting effort, and ensuring compliance with the requirements. We also help managers new to marketing funds in the UK and/or the EEA understand how the reporting requirements apply to them. Bovill Newgate can streamline the entire reporting process by using automation where appropriate and working flexibly with the client’s internal experts to suit their specific requirements.

Bovill Newgate is well placed to help firms based in the UK and in other “third countries” outside the EEA navigate such challenges quickly and effectively. Our wide-ranging experience in the alternative investments industry has given us a thorough understanding of Annex IV rules and how they are implemented across Europe.

Bovill Newgate can support your Annex IV reporting across the EEA. We have specific experience with reporting in the following jurisdictions: Luxembourg, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Netherlands.